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Advanced Therapy Yoga


At Advanced Therapy Innovations, we see yoga as more than a form of physical movement. Yoga is also a method for improving quality of life. Yoga can:

· Provide social and emotional support through group classes

· Teach readily accessible breathing techniques to moderate daily stress and/or pain

· Develop self-awareness and personal responsibility that can generate healthier choices and habits

· Be a life-long activity that is adaptable and beneficial at any age or level of physical function

As therapy, yoga breath and postures are used to increased trunk and core stability, balance, and improve range of motion while providing relief from patient's most common reasons for visiting the doctor such as low back pain.  When used in a therapeutic setting, yoga is used as a modality to improve function for meaningful tasks such as putting on socks and shoes and getting on and off the floor to play with grandchildren.  We strive to improve each patient's quality of life through movement, breath, and connection to others. 

When medically necessary our yoga programs may be covered under insurance.


Proposed Yoga class schedule for March


At Advanced Therapy Innovations, yoga is taught by a healthcare professional as Physical and Occupational therapy! Join one of our small groups or, if you need more assistance, take a one-on-one session with a Physical or Occupational therapist. Private Yoga is especially beneficial for anyone who may feel uncomfortable joining  a general yoga class. At Advanced Therapy Innovations, your individual care and concerns are our top priority!

Additional Classes and therapy scheduled case by case Monday-Friday 8am -4:30pm

When: Monday 11:40-12:10pm , Tuesdays and Thursday 12:15-12:45 pm

Cost: $12 drop in or 5 class card for $50

NO previous yoga experience necessary, wear comfortable clothing, bring water, yoga mats are available to borrow

All classes are taught by licensed Physical or Occupational therapists who are certified yoga instructors